Mobility Makeathon


19. - 20. February 2016 at Happylab Vienna


Over 65 million people worldwide require a wheelchair to be part of society and live an independent life. The freedom a wheelchair can give depends on how lightweight and bespoke it. With traditional manufacturing techniques this freedom comes at a price that most people can't afford but new techniques (e.g. 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting) could change that. It’s already been done for bionic limbs, now why not wheelchairs? During one and a half days of creative collaboration we will explore how digital manufacturing could revolutionize wheelchair design and transform lives.  All our results will be published under an open license.


Your collaborators will be: Peter Purgathofer, professor at TU Vienna is a leader in the field of design and (software) engineering; Stefan Kasberger, board member of Open Knowledge Austria and founder of Open Science ASAP will lend his expertise on all things Open; Michael Aumann of DisAbility Performance and Rachael Wallach, board member of the Social Care Institute for Excellence and Vice Chair of Scope, will harness the power of lived experience.


19 - 20 February 2016

Friday, 19 Feb. 16h - 19h and
Saturday, 20 Feb. 10h - 19h.


At Happylab Vienna, Haussteinstraße 4/2, 1020 Vienna.


Everyone who is interested! We need the best minds with the widest experience. So whether you’re a designer, a coder, an engineer, a wheelchair user, an anthropologist, a mechanic, a locksmith or none of the above, if you’re interested in digital manufacturing or want to experiment designing wheelchairs: We need you! Places are limited so please register your interest now.


Tickets are 100% free. In return for your ideas and experience we will provide the infrastructure as well as materials to create prototypes and models. We’ll also take care of food and drinks!




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In cooperation with Open Knowledge Austria.